Terraria 1.3.1 Now Available for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One!


We’re pleased to announce that the 1.3.1 update for Terraria is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  We hope you enjoy the list of new features! As always, the team will be keeping a close eye on the release of this patch to make sure no major issues emerge from the underworld. What that said, if you do manage to come across any bugs in the wild please report them here. We appreciate your continued support!


With that said, here is a list of what all is coming your way with the latest update to Terraria for XB1/PS4:




  •  Dart Traps & all Temple Traps can now be hammered to rotate 90 degrees at a time, revolutionizing arena building
  •  Cannons (normal, bunny, confetti, Snowball Launcher) can now be controlled by wire and shoot fake projectiles!



  • Tons of new Wiring/Mechanical items - from Logic Gates to Logic Sensors to Junction Boxes, Conveyor Belts, and more!
  • Yellow Wrench adds a fourth wire color
  • The Grand Design, once crafted, will place all of your cool wiring tools in one place for easy use
  • Team Blocks and Platforms make for cool new aspects to your PVP games
  • Static Hook will allow you full control over your grappling
  • New Pressure Plates, including the Teal Pressure Plate (which can be triggered by pets and projectiles)
  • Trapped Chests can now be crafted to keep others from poking around in your stuff
  • Angler Tackle Bag will make fishing more efficient than ever!
  • Brand new Critter & Monster Statues
  • And of course, who could forget that you will now be able to pick up your very own Companion Cube from the Traveling Merchant!



  •  Improved Wire drawing to look less fuzzy with multiple colors on the same tile.
  •  New large gem over-head display
  •  You can now use situational building accessories from your inventory and toggle their effects like info accessories
  •  Decompressed sprite graphics for improved fidelity



  • Duke Fishron will no longer run away so easily
  • You will find Beehives in the Jungle - Not the bees!
  • Torches can be put on actuated tiles



Along with the new features included in this update the team has also been working through the backlog of bugs. We’re happy to report that we have fixed well over 100 bugs in this patch. We want to thank everyone in the community who continues to report any issues that appear in the game. It’s a critical component to helping us improve things and keep them running smoothly.


 You can check out the list below.



  • Resolved a crash that would occur after a non-host player would exit a multiplayer session
  • Fixed a bug where a crash could occur during the generation of a 2nd world using a fresh profile
  • Resolved a crash that would trigger from signing in and out of player profiles on Xbox One
  • Fixed a bug where menu functionality would fail after performing a sign-in change
  • Fixed a bug where all the players would get kicked out of a session when one of them was exploring the Underworld biome
  • Resolved a bug where the player was unable to exit the game session via save & exit after resuming the title from connected standby
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash after invoking a chest after re-hosting the same world
  • Resolved a multiplayer bug where the player would get kicked out of the session after stepping on a land mine
  • Resolved several other crash bugs around console profile usage
  • Fixed a bug where a player was unable to host or join a multiplayer session after previously exiting from that session when a secondary player was in the character selection screen
  • Resolved a bug where the game would crash during world generation after deleting save data
  • Fixed a few other crashes related to network connectivity on the world generation screen



  • Resolved a bug where the Wormhole potion lacked functionality for the player in a multiplayer or cooperative session
  • Fixed a bug where graphical corruption was observed occasionally when using spears
  • Resolved a bug where the players were able to fire an infinite number of rockets after placing them
  • Fixed a bug where accomplishments that have the criteria to defeat bosses/enemies failed to unlock in multiplayer after fulfilling the criteria
  • Resolved a bug where the grapple functionality of “Lunar Hook’ was divided between the players
  • Fixed a bug where a Hardcore character failed to navigate back to the spawn point set by the player
  • Resolved a bug where certain weapons and tools would stop functioning while using them continuously
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect game behavior could occur after performing a connected stand-buy during world loading
  • Resolved a bug where information stats were carried over to the main menu after a LAN ejection or force closing a Multiplayer session
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Lock on Priority’ mark carried forward to the full-screen map
  • Resolved a bug where certain debuffs didn’t apply for the player when inflicted by the host in PvP
  • Fixed a bug where in some rare instances the player was unable to create a new character
  • Resolved a bug where multiplayer session invitations were sent incorrectly



  • Fixed a bug where graphical corruption was observed occasionally when using spears
  • Resolved a bug where Yoraizor’s spell became distorted over the character’s eyes while flying
  • Fixed a bug where the lava lamp caused highlighted doors to flicker
  • Resolved a bug where the avatars feet were missing from the dresser preview UI
  • Fixed a bug where multiple menus could be seen for a second after adding additional split-screen players
  • Resolved a bug where the Mushroom statue did not animate when activated
  • Fixed dozens of other art inconsistencies between the console and PC versions
  • Resolved a few instances of graphical corruption when zooming
  • Dozens of localization fixes have been included in this update



That's it for now!  We really hope everyone enjoys what is in this update - let us know your thoughts as always.   We will now turn our sights towards finishing up Terraria for Nintendo Switch and then launch head-on into the next wave of content for all three platforms.  We are eagerly looking forward to sharing those plans with you soon!