Controller & Customization Update hits Mobile Terraria Today!



Happy Controller & Customization launch day, Terrarians!

At long last, the teams at DR Studios, Re-Logic, and 505 Games are pleased to bring our first Feature Update to Mobile Terraria in the post-1.3 era. The focus here is to bring a whole new level of customization to the controls and interface for players along with implementing robust and fully remappable controller support for bluetooth-capable gamepads. We are thrilled with how all of this turned out and we cannot wait to see what you all do with this newfound power! :eek:

Please send us your very best setups and gamepad mappings - we would love to see your creativity at work!

As always, please report any bugs or issues that you encounter so that we can get any needed hotfixes out there as quickly and completely as possible!

With this update out and once the hotfixes are done, we will be moving on to our next stage in our Terraria Mobile development plans... but more on that another day. ;)


Check out the full changelog and join in the discussion with your fellow mobile Terrarians over on our Official Mobile Terraria Controller and Customization thread, linked below!


Mobile Terraria Controller & Customization Update Changelog

Also, check out our handy guide to the new features posted just below the changelog - and also linked in the Mobile Guides section.  

Mobile Controller and Customization Update Guide