Terraria Community Forum - Prelaunch Information

Greetings Terrarians!
It is with great joy and anticipation that we announce the launch date of the brand new Terraria Community Forum (TCF)!  For those that are unaware, TCF is owned and run by Re-Logic and will serve as the Official community for Terraria moving forward.  This means that all direct interactions between the Dev team and the community will relocate to TCF.
A team of passionate and dedicated individuals has worked tirelessly behind the scenes – listening to Community feedback, exploring the available technical/feature options, and aligning to Re-Logic’s vision of things – towards the building of a foundation for our new community.  We are absolutely thrilled with how this turned out and feel that we are giving our first Official Community a fantastic beginning!
The new Terraria Community Forum will go Live on September 26!
Below you will find some specifics as well as answers to some of the possible questions members of our community may have.  We hope this helps make things more clear – and we will make ourselves available to answer any other questions you may have.
Ultimately, TCF is here for you, our dedicated community of fans.  None of this would be possible without each of you.  We sincerely thank you for your past and ongoing support.  We look forward to seeing you over on our new community soon!
~The Re-Logic Team
Huge Thank-You's!
·  Skiphs:  Lead Developer of Terraria Community Forums
·  Crowno:  Lead Artist of Terraria Community Forums
·  Jeckel/Aeroblop/Tunnel King/Marcus:  Advice, Editing, and Sectional Rules Leadership
·  Kelp:  Formatting Expertise & Testing of Core Features
·  Suika:  Testing of Art & Image features
-  Our TCF Guinea Pigs (Beta Testers)
…and YOU, the Terrarian Community!  Without your ideas and support, neither TCF nor Terraria would be what it is today.
Terraria Community Forum – Key Questions
Background & Key Information about Terraria Community Forum
Why is this move being made?
  • We are transitioning to a new official community for a few reasons.  First, as Re-Logic continues to expand – both in the Terraria space as well as beyond – we felt it would be best to have a level of consistency and integration that would just not be possible on third party sites.
  • Secondarily, we believe that our community needs to be able to grow and evolve – just as the game itself has.  We feel that having direct control over this will allow for a more flexible and community-friendly environment.

So, how will the Terraria Community Forums be different than Terraria Online?
  • It would be impractical – and less fun – to list out everything here.  We will leave a lot of the details for you to discover once you visit the new community.  That said, some of the bigger items of note are listed below.
    • TCF utilizes the latest versions of Xenforo and associated plugins
    • Terraria-focused experience that includes your choice of multiple biome-inspired visual themes.
    • Community Social Groups that will allow clans, server owners, and everyone else to have a more robust group experience
    • Steam Integration
    • Numerous Community-requested tweaks and features, including anchors and additional Profile options.
  • Most everything else will remain similar – though with slightly different rules, processes, and the like.  Once you get on the site, please take some time to check these out – don’t assume everything is the same as TO!
  • To help with the navigation and use of the new features (and existing ones), we have created a fully linked and navigable User Guide that will be available when you login on launch day!
  • Importantly, we plan to continue to evolve our site in alignment with the needs of the Community.  This includes – but is not limited to – keeping our software up-to-date and listening to your feedback.

How will Terraria Community Forums be run/staffed?  How can I get involved?

  • TCF’s staffing will be announced on launch day, and will be a mix of the familiar along with some new folks.
  • Future staffing needs will be addressed based on need and will likely utilize an open application process.
Transition from Terraria Online to Terraria Community Forum
What will I be able to transfer from TO over to TCF?
  • We will be offering existing members of Terraria Online the opportunity to reserve Account Names in advance of the launch.  See below for further details on this process.
  • Trophies, Trophy Points, Posts/Likes, and Titles will *NOT* transfer to TCF.
  • Custom Title holders from TO may select a single custom title upon their joining TCF.  We will not be allowing member-edited custom titles at this time.
  • We are hoping to offer a title or some other way of marking pre-TCF community members, but this is TBD.
  • We will not be proactively transferring any threads or content over from Terraria Online.  TCF members are free to move over any posts/threads that they wish on their own.  Between now and launch, it might be advisable to gather anything you desire to transfer in advance. Please insure that anything you move is in alignment with the rules and expectations of TCF.


How will the transfer from Terraria Online to Terraria Community Forums work?

NOTE: Only Terrarians with Terraria Online Accounts with 15 or more posts as of September 9, 2014 are eligible for a Prelaunch Account Registration.

  • Between now and 11:59pm CST on the day before the launch of TCF (September 24, 2014), current members in good standing on TO may reserve an Account Name on TCF.
  • This account name will match your existing Account Name on TO. We will accommodate some name changes, but only after the transfer period. We simply do not have the time and resources to manage the chaos of people trying to request whatever they want/resolving conflicting requests (i.e. 10 people wanting the same name).
  • Once the reservation window opens, here is how to lock in your Account Name:
    • Head over to http://terraria.org/forums
    • Enter your username on Terraria Online along with the email address associated with that account
    • Our system will attempt to match those credentials - if a match is made, you will receive an email (to the email address you provided) that will confirm your entry and provide further information
    • Closer to launch, you will receive a second email that contains a special link for you to confirm your account.
    • You will be taken to an account confirmation page where you will be asked to confirm your username and other account info as well as set your TCF password.
    • Once you confirm this information, you will receive another email that will confirm that you are preregistered for TCF!
    • On launch day, you simply login with your username and password.
  • If you have not reserved your name/account by launch day, it will be available to anyone joining TCF. Of course, some names will not be allowed, to prevent impersonation of staff/devs/other members, etc.

What will happen to Terraria Online after the launch of Terraria Community Forums?

  • The future of TO is really up to the Community and Curse.  We certainly hope it continues to exist as an unofficial fansite – particularly with all of the rich and wonderful content that exists across the greater than two million posts on TO.
  • Of course, we cannot guarantee anything one way or the other – in full transparency.
  • The choice of what communities in which someone wants to be involved is a personal one.  We certainly hope most Terrarians will feel at home on TCF, but we will never undercut our wonderful existing communities….plus you can always do both!  
Future Plans – What’s Next?
You mentioned “beyond Terraria” before.  What do you mean and how does that intersect with this move?
  • As we have noted (and shown), Re-Logic has a vision for the future that is not only inclusive of the Terraria franchise, but also of other potential games.  This may include publishing relationships – like Pixel Piracy – and/or other Re-Logic-developed properties.
  • Our desire is to provide our customers a consistent and integrated experience in our communities.  This means you will likely see a lot of common elements as additional communities launch as well as the likelihood of cross-community accounts.
  • Obviously, a lot of the details here are TBD, but we wanted to insure everyone knows we are thinking ahead in all of this!

This all sounds great – but what can you tell me about Terraria 1.3, Mac/Linux, etc?

  • Well, once TCF launches, you will be able to follow the progress of Terraria (1.3 and beyond) properties over there.
  • That said, the Dev team remains hard at work – and we know we haven’t really shared much – and you can expect a more steady stream of news once everything is up and running.
That's it for now everyone.  Please get your transfer requests in before the deadline, and we sincerely look forward to seeing each of you in about two weeks!
~ Re-Logic and the Staff of TCF